Paying Ourselves to Save the Planet

This book explains why the “standard money theory” we insist on applying to the world is incapable of confronting the needs of modern society—most notably, the challenges of the global climate crisis. It then explores how a simple change in perspective transforms the standard theory into “modern money theory” (MMT)—a new perspective enabling us, as a collective society, to pay ourselves whatever it takes to proactively confront the challenges we face. The layman’s explanation of MMT is given twice: first, in an easy to follow narrative format and, second, using 26 new diagrams which bring the explanation to a visualized focus.

The diagrams are available for download in PDF format on this page. They are made available for anyone to use with attribution. It is my intention and hope that interested laymen—for whom MMT has clicked into focus as an essential tool for confronting the needs and challenges of modern society—will use the diagrams to develop local seminars and discussion groups. Implementing the opportunities MMT provides us will first require a wide-scale, grass-roots understanding and acceptance of its perspective.