The Millennials’ Money


  “The potential power of ‘fiat money’—which has yet to be fully realized and managed by any modern society—can be summarized as follows: While it remains true that the number of dollars any individual can spend is ultimately limited to what he or she can “earn,” the number of dollars individuals can spend collectively—as a sovereign nation—is (with one cautionary rule) unlimited.” My goal in writing The Millennials’ Money was to transform that opening statement from something that will be, for most people, an intuitively impossible view of reality, into something that is not only easy to “see,” but logically irrefutable.

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Low Earth Orbit–A Novella about the Near Future


This ebook is a sequel to The Architect Who Couldn’t Sing, exploring (and illustrating) the architectural concepts further —but now focusing squarely on the Modern Monetary Theory underpinnings that make the concepts actually feasible. Set in the year 2028, the love story of Maggie and Charlie is far, far in the background, while Charlie steps out as the narrator of the extraordinary story of what happened after Donald Trump was elected president of the U.S.

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The Architect Who Couldn’t Sing


While it was written before the topics of global warming and rising sea-level became front-page headlines, this story could well be viewed as a thought experiment about man’s coming confrontation with climate change. The story evolves around a national competition to design a utopian community to relocate a city which has been flooded out of viable existence. Since we are going to build new, shouldn’t we think of a new and better way to build urban habitats? And what forces would try to stand in the way of accomplishing that?

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Housing for the Masses, Dwellings for the Soul

This book is in progress. It is planned to be an exploration of the application of modern fiat money to the field of architecture and human settlements. Specifically, it will develop in detail the concept of Matrix Architecture.  

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